I'm a 21 year old Elementary Education student who runs a military blog. This is all things military. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. Make sure to check out the links in the sidebar! Don't miss the MilSO directory!

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Male, or female.


Gay, or straight.

Overweight, or underweight.

They fight for my freedom. That’s all I need to know.

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  • Jessica & Evan. She’s in the Army Reserves and he’s a Marine. <3
  • Kristina & Dustin. He is currently deployed.
  • Tatyana & Jacob. He is currently at basic training.
  • Caitlin & Jeff. Married! Both at Fort Bliss in Texas. <3
  • Gemini & Marc. Fort Drum, NY. <3
  • Maddie & Jordan. Engaged :) He’s in Fort Jackson she’s in Utah. <3
  • Marissa & Sean. Married :) She’s in Ft. Bliss and he’s in Afghanistan. <3
  • Emily & Aaron. He’s National Guard at basic training! <3
  • Kaila & Mackenzie. She’s in Cali, he’s in Oklahoma. <3
  • Libby & Charles. She’s in Ohio, he’s in AIT at Goodfellow Airforce Base. <3


  • See Jessica in the Army section above! Her boyfriend is a Marine.
  • Jen & Wayne. Engaged! He is in Afghanistan, she is in Arizona. <3
  • Alex & Chino.
  • Shanice & Howard. He is in Hawaii, she’s in Virginia. <3
  • Shea & Roman. Both in Georgia. 
  • Lydia & Doug. He’s at Camp Foster, she’s in Oregon. <3
  • Ashleigh & Sam. She’s in NC, he’s in Afghanistan. <3
  • Janelle & Mike. She’s the Marine, he’s in college. 


  • Mikhala & Evan. Engaged :) He is currently at basic training. <3
  • Tiffany & Joseph. <3
  • Dianys & Emmanuel. He is in bootcamp.
  • Emery & Charles. Engaged! He is at NAS Lemoore. <3
  • Jenna & Seth. He’s stationed at Bolling, she’s in MA as well. <3
  • Catherine & Lance. Engaged :) He’s in San Diego on the USS Rushmore. <3

Air Force

  • Lexi & JT. 
  • Christine & Eric. <3
  • Samantha & Rick. Married :) Both at Travis AFB in California. <3
  • Rachel & Vincent. Engaged :) Arkansas.
  • Jeni & Nathan. Married :) She’s in Nevada, he’s in Biloxi, MS. <3
  • Tia & Marlik. Married! She’s in Georgia, he’s in San Antonio for BMT. <3
  • Andie & Ryan. She’s in New Jersey, he’s at Lackland AFB. <3

Coast Guard


US Coast Guard pre-deployment training for Patrol Forces Southwest Asia.

Located at the Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific lies a stone from the beaches of Guadacanal.Here is our history, Here is our Tradition.

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