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(Air Force Osprey crashes in Florida - National Military Community | Examiner.comから)

Wednesday evening an Air Force CV-22 Osprey went down on a routine training mission just north of Navarre, Florida.
All five crew members were taken to a local hospital.  The extent of their injuries should be released by military officials this morning.  As of last night, no fatalities had been reported.
The Osprey, assigned to the 1st Special Operations Wing, went down at 6:45 local time on a training mission out of Hurlburt Field’s Eglin Range.
Cause of the crash is still under investigation.
While the Air Force and Marines swear by the Osprey’s ability to make fast entrances into “hot zones” and vertical landings where space is tight, the aircraft has had a long history of controversy and malfunction. 
After billions of dollars in research and development the Army opted out of this aircraft years ago.
The Air Force put Osprey’s into service in 2008.
Earlier this year, the Marines sustained the loss of an Osprey MV-22 and two crew members while on an international training mission in Morocco.

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