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Missing my hubby extra tonight. Getting married and then having to say goodbye the very next day definitely wasn’t easy. We’ve been married for over a week and have spent 99% of that time apart. I got a text from him two days ago that said “I love you a lot Steph. This really isn’t doing it for me being away from my new wife…” I can’t wait to spend the ENTIRE summer with him. Talk about something to look forward too. Garsh…I am so in love. <3

Some of my bootcamp letters <3 
A Love Story In 22 Pictures



the goodbye’s at the airport.. the worst feeling in the world to be going back home, but you’re still missing that one thing…. how many times I wish I could turn around and run back.

R&R 8.17.10 <3 #throwbackthursday #tbt #iraq #soldier #husband #love #armywife #army #welcomehome @motocross80  (Taken with Instagram)