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merry christmas

United States Army - Soldiers secure the high ground and defend against a counter attack during a live fire exercise at the Pohakuloa Training Area.

United States Army - Spc. Nate Collins pulls outer security for a key leader engagement while on a clearing operation at Joint Readiness Training Center.

The best husband
Natasha & Scott  
US Army. His location: Afghanistan. 
My location: Australia. 
Happily married :) 
We met when I was 18 and hes was 25. He was deployed in Iraq at the time and he found me on a random social networking site and commented on a picture of mine. We hit things off straight away and I had this crazy notion that one day I was going to marry this guy. We stayed friends for a while because he found another girl in Washington where he’s stationed and started dating her. I was devastated. I was crazy about him and I didn’t care about the distance. I’d do whatever it took to make it work but alas he chose her because he didn’t think the long distance would work ( I live in Australia). 4 months of watching him be all lovey dovey with a women who didnt even love him passed and they finally broke up. I didn’t want to be a rebound and get hurt so I kept my distance and after about a couple weeks we were talking everyday on the phone for HOURS and i need like 8 hours was nothing to us, if we weren’t calling each other we were texting (our phone bills were HUGE from international calls). The first time he told me he loved me was on Skype, I was shocked and said what?! and he quickly covered it up with “I said I wanna hug you” …me being a fool i believed I’d misheard him and when with the hug thing. On september 11th (in a not so romantic way)  I had to literally yell on the phone for him to marry me instead of some contract marriage he had planned. I told him “if you’re going to marry someone, marry someone who at least loves you…I’m that someone!”. He’s not very smart sometimes lol. So, I’d never met him in person but I hopped on a plane from Brisbane, Australia to Seattle, Washington with nothing but love in my heart and trusting the Lord to look after everything else. Being together came so naturally, it literally felt like we’d known each other for a very long time as if we’d met before. I’d never been the US or traveled overseas on my own before but there I was, head over heels in love with someone i’d only met online. We married on the 21st of December 2010 :) one day before his birthday and two days before mine. We we’re so broke from paying for plane tickets that we couldnt afford to buy each other birthday or Christmas presents but he said marring me was the greatest present he’d ever had in his life. Even though we fought like crazy that day and I almost said no (my family and unsupportive friends were messing with my mind) at 5:20pm we stood in the freezing cold rain waiting to get into the courthouse, I said I do. It was the best day of my life. 
We’ve been together for over 2 years now but we’ve only spent 4 months physically together. Tough break huh? :) He’s now deployed in Afghanistan while I wait in Australia. Only 3 months till he’s tour of duty is over! <3 

Airmen from various bases throughout the Air Force wait to board an aircraft bound for Southwest Asia in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom on Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. Feb. 7. Charleston AFB is one of four aerial ports of embarkation to make it more convenient for Airmen to deploy to the area of responsibility. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jennifer Arredondo)

Sgt. Christina Scott, a Female Engagement Team member in direct support of 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, comforts an Afghan baby while visiting the small town of Kightewahn in the Kajaki District on March 14, 2012.